It is our responsibility to pull our weight in order to minimize the impact of technological progress in the world, to improve the quality of living of millions of users and to restore and protect our planet’s natural resources.

Although we have limited resources, our commitment and endeavors to make this a better world knows no bounds. Our modest contribution:

  • Recycling
  • Saving energy
  • Dissemination and sponsorship of social awareness activities
  • Dissemination and sponsorship of activities directed towards the restauration of natural resources


All our solutions have been design with the needs of as many communities as possible in mind, excluding no-one in the process. Users with special needs will find among the Indisys solutions easy-access to most channels.

Additionally, Indisys has developed specific strategies, such as social intelligence and communication ergonomics, in order to empower communities with special needs (immigrants, uneducated users, etc.) to access the same services and information as everyone else. Our intelligent agents can adapt their conversational flow to better suit the needs of a particular user profile; input do not even need to be fully grammatical or perfectly spelled for these agents to be able to understand.