The Dialogue Master is an additional tool that empowers customers and partners to develop their own solutions through a very intuitive graphical interface. This tool provides an easy and rapid way to develop Question-Answer solutions in just a few hours.

It also allows you to configure and maintain new questions with new answers, and new urls to display. It also allows you to design the graphical agent behavior. This tool is mainly designed for In-House solutions, were the customer demands full control over the solution.

Among other characteristics, these are the Dialogue Master’s main functionalities:

  • Corpus import/export.
  • Thesaurus.
  • Optional or disjunctive entries generation.
  • Multimodal outputs.
  • Graphical agent behavior design.



  • Easy to use

    A simple interface to create your own applications.

  • Ideal for In-House maintenance

    Perform your own maintenance or modifications.