If you are an e-Learning professional or user, there is no need for us to tell you about the multiple advantages and promising future of these platforms.

Training specialized personnel in specific fields, evaluating their progress, answering their every question, updating the information in a reliable and effective way and offering a positive user experience to incentivize learning are the main objectives of these platforms.

During training, empathy, patience and flexibility are key factors that will determine the level of success of the educational process.

Ideally, we would need an expert, available 24×7 for all students. Moreover, this teacher should be familiar with each student’s learning profile, make it easier for them to learn in terms of their learning abilities and style, and guide them through the process reliably.

What would you say if I told you this is quite possible?

  • Specialized tutor 24×7.
  • Customized training program per student profile.
  • Immediate information updates.
  • Patience, flexibility, empathy and excellence at every student’s disposal.


Well, get ready because your wish has come true: Indisys’ virtual tutors can offer you all this and more.