Indisys’ solutions provide a global online and fully integrated solution for customer service. ERM is just one of the many benefits we can offer to you:

  • Automated Email Classification: This solution can classify emails into a number of subjects, and even forward them to the relevant department or professional if needed.
  • Supervised Automated Response: Given a predefined set of answers, this solution can generate automated responses that a human operator will only have to validate. This will save you lots and spare your employees from wasting precious time.
  • Unsupervised Automated Response: When the domain allows for a high level of confidence, predefined responses can be automatically sent to users. Savings can be even greater since no human validation is required.


Indisys has developed leading edge pattern matching and machine learning tools that empower you to manage your email in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Together with our advanced natural language tools, this technology allows for the highest performance.



  • Save time and resources


  • Manage your email efficiently


  • Generate a natural language corpus you can exploit in other channels