Since developing the most advanced Virtual Health Assistant in the world, Indisys has left no stone in the sector unturned. An intelligent agent, able to empathize with the user while providing efficient, high quality service is a dream come true for any public or private institution

  • Manage your users’ appointments with healthcare professionals.
  • Advice on different health topics, symptoms and illnesses.
  • Manage procedures, documentation, test results, waiting lists, etc.
  • Confidentiality and anonymity when talking about sensitive topics such as: sexuality, STD’s, abortion, the morning after pill, family planning, etc.
  • Advice on childcare, vaccinations, special diets, etc.
  • Answer questions about current legislation, resources that are available, where help centers are, etc.
  • Evaluate various symptoms for illnesses such as Swine Flu.
  • Find your closest health center.
  • A friendly voice that can sympathize patiently with the users while showing empathy and providing expert knowledge.


When users talk about our virtual agents saying it has “an almost human voice” or it was “nice and worked with me”, we can see that we’ve done our job well. Check out some of our references and other user testimonies.