Indisys’ solutions provide the user with the ability to obtain information, in natural language, about any subject that may be of interest to them. When dealing with user information requests, Indisys categorizes them two different ways:

  • Common questions, which might be of interest in any sector.
  • Specific questions, which are particular to a sector or even an individual client.


In order to respond to common questions, Indisys provides its clients with modules previously developed and tested in millions of dialogues in different sectors, guaranteeing optimum knowledge coverage. The responses of each module can also be modified to the particulars of the project at hand. Among these modules are:

  • Definitions, which provide information about specific concepts your company or institution works with (“What is the Euribor?”).

  • General, which takes care of responding to questions such as “Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?” or “How much is two plus two?”.

  • Corporate, which is designed to understand general questions about the client such as, “What is your phone number?” or “What products do you offer?”

  • Semantic Indexing, which is designed to respond even when there is no definite response available. In these cases, the system looks for information in external repositories (websites, document sources, etc.) and provides a link to the most relevant content.


Domain specific coverage allows the assistant to associate the most frequent questions within the specific sector of the client with the most adequate responses.  These responses can then be provided directly or as part of a sub-dialogue with the user.