Often, Virtual Assistants are used to complement the services of a human-powered Live Chat platform:

  • What if instead of creating a tool to relieve the deficiencies or needs of old Live Chat platforms we create one that empowers you to do away with all these deficiencies for good?
  • What if instead of botching up pre-exiting and incomplete solutions we create one that minimizes costs, guarantees the highest quality and empowers human operators to add value without wasting precious time?


Indisys has extended its full range of automated solutions with a Live Chat platform than allows for human-human communication and so much more!



  • Remote operator console

    As many operators as you need, in a call center or any remote location.

  • Remote operator supervision

    You will be able to monitor all conversations and even take control if necessary.

  • Secure communitacions

    Our infrastructure complies with all due information and communication security requirements to ensure data protection.

  • Virtual Assistant integration

    Find out about the NEW Indisys-exclusive integration modes. You will be able to collect information, optimize your human operator’s performance and added value and so much more! TALK to us and find out the most innovative way to solve your problems.