If you’re interested in marketing, Indisys would like to propose a Virtual Solution with an immediate impact on different levels:

  • Number of visitors: Previous projects have noted an increase in visits by up to 20%.

  • Viral marketing: The intelligence and self-confidence of our Virtual Assistants is something that our users like and which motivates them to test out the solution. You’ll notice spikes in the number of additional users who come to your site, attracted by the new tool. Your ability to reach out to new users will multiply accordingly.

  • Corporate image: Thanks to our latest generation, photo-realistic Virtual Assistants and a fresh, warm personality, you can include all of the elements that are characteristic of your corporate image: logo, color palette, interests, etc.

  • Publicity: Depending on your sector, you could include elements of advertising in the responses of the Assistant as well as in the graphic elements (the background, occasional animations, etc.). This publicity can be yours or that of your clients!