The same excellent quality of service and conversational intelligence is also available in your mobile device. With Indisys’ Mobile Virtual Assistants, end users can chat free, either using text or speech.

The same high-quality graphical interface enhances an optimal user experience. End users will have immediate access to a full range of services with human-like natural language interactions.

As in all other channels, the behavior of this intelligent agent is customizable and fully adapted to your specific needs. It may help you with basic FQAs, provide semantic search capabilities or a full range of complex services and transactions, including, sales, pre-sales, post-sales, up-sales, cross-sales, etc. Additionally, the solution is fully integrated with your pre-existing infrastructure and platforms.

To the full range of advantages and functionalities of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, you can now add all those of a mobile device: integration with phone agenda, GPS, telephone controls, etc.



  • Mobility

    Full 24×7 access from anywhere.

  • Additional functionalities

    All the online VA advantages plus all mobile advantages: What else can you ask for?

  • Multiplatform

    Available for Android and iOS, more to come.