Indisys has extensive experience with solutions for the Public Sector and we guarantee optimum performance in many areas:

  • Accessibility and usability: citizens aren’t interacting with an information system but with an intelligent and efficient agent who understands their problems and empathizes with them:
    • Working with senior citizens, the disabled or immigrants.
    • Any social sector.
    • Any channel: web, telephone, mobile devices, kiosks, etc.
    • Available 24 hours a day.
  • A reduction in costs, easing the burden on the Administration.
  • Immediate information updates.
  • Follow-ups, and information logging and processing, all done automatically.
  • Reports exportable in real time about any aspect of the interaction.
  • A deep commitment to public service, permanently monitoring user satisfaction.
  • Integration with any platform, service or database.
  • Secure communication at all levels.
  • An efficient and innovative public image.


The key to eGovernment is in helping citizens both individually and in groups when they need to communicate with the corresponding government body.  A commitment to accessibility, transparency and ease of use.  We help citizens exercise their rights and duties freely and flexibly all without having to pay extra.