Virtual Assistant for hearing impaired people (“Asistente Virtual para personas con Deficiencia Auditiva”)

The AVIDEA project aims to develop technologies needed to enable hearing impaired people to interact with an online virtual assistant integrated. Before developing the actual solution, several experiments will be carried out in order to analyze the reading and writing performance of potential users. The online virtual assistant will have the ability to understand and synthesize the Spanish sign language.
AVIDEA is a research project funded by the Andalusian Government (Ref. P09-TIC-5138).


Social Network Surveillance

The SNS project objective was to create a software solution based on Semantic Web Ontologies and Natural Language Processing to monitor the proper use of social networks and prevent potentially dangerous situations for children.
Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society, Directorate General for Development of the Information Society.


Stochastic Intelligent Dialogue

This project implied an evolution and extension of the tool “Locuaz” with the latest advances in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. The new version, “Locuaz ML”, use these techniques to improve Indisys solutions in terms of development costs, delivery times and overall quality of the project.
Ministry of Science and Innovation, Innovation General Secretariat, Directorate General for Technology Transfer and Business Development.


Multimodal Innovation (“Innovación Multimodal”)

The INMA project includes tasks and activities related to the overall improvement of Indisys base technology, plus an internal project focused on innovation domotics.
Ministry of Science and Innovation: Ministry of Universities, Directorate General of Economic Management and Structural European Funds. Directorate General of Cooperative Research Promotion.


Interactive Virtual Assistant for Career Guidance (“Asistente Virtual Interactivo para Orientación Laboral”)

The Aviol project objective was the design, development and evaluation of an interactive Virtual Assistant using the latest human-machine interaction technologies in order to improve services to citizens. The system developed allows a better natural language based communication and provides information and assistance to users. The scenario in which we evaluated the system developed was the Andalusian Employment Service (Department of Employment of the Government of Andalusia). It applies to Vocational Guidance Services.
CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia – “Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía”)


Application of Leading Technologies to Unmanned Aircrafts for Research and Development in ATM (“Aplicación de Tecnologías Líder a Aeronaves No Tripuladas para la Investigación y Desarrollo en ATM”)

The ATLANTIDA project sought to overcome scientific and technological challenges that limited the possibilities of automation in air traffic management, thus providing innovative perspectives to increase the capacity of the air transportation system, making it more efficient, cleaner, and safer. Indisys specific contribution in this project was the development of advanced multimodal interfaces for control and monitoring of aerial vehicles.
CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development – “Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial”


Natural Language Applications Development and Testing Platform (“Plataforma de Desarrollo y Testado de Aplicaciones en Lenguaje Natural”).

The platform result of the project PLATON facilitates the development of new dialogue applications, making the process faster as well as more coherent and more comprehensive. This working environment allows developers to integrate all the linguistic components required for a new application and test them quickly and effectively before implantation in the client.
FIDETIA (Foundation for Research and Development of Information Technology in Andalusia – “Fundación para la Investigación y el Desarrollo de las Tecnologías de la Información en Andalucía”)