If you seek full insight into what your users want and really want to analyze their behavior, the SLAM Monitor is the tool your were looking for. It displays all the relevant information on all conversations in real time, while allowing you to drill down into any level of depth you wish. It is a powerful business analytics tool that can generate automated reports with highly sophisticated graphs.

SLAM Monitor integrates the information from all channels and solutions in a unify interface: you can get global statistics and resport as well as channel-specific ones.

With this tool you can get in real time information such as:

  • Number of dialogues, time, duration, time distribution, etc.
  • Full classification according to dialogue types: flirting, search, questions, services, transactions, etc.
  • Full drill down dialogue access from global statistical analysis.
  • Global multichannel or channel-specific views.
  • Additional information such as ANI, IP, etc.
  • Metrics and Dimensions to cross information and analyze behavioral patterns.
  • … and so much more! Alarms, time-related stats, etc.


Access to the SLAM Monitor is authenticated and different levels and configurations are possible.



  • Tagged information

    Exploit your resources efficiently and get to know your users.

  • Checkpoints

    You decide what data is relevant. Tag it and the tool will do the rest.

  • Alarmas

    Would you like your team to get alarm warnings? No problem!