Locuaz is the core of all Indisys’ solutions. In layman’s terms, Locuaz is an artificial brain that comprises advanced AI and Cognitive Science strategies to offer intelligent, flexible and natural conversations.

This technology makes use of the latest and hottest advancements in Natural Language Processing and Dialogue Management. The unique combination of Machine Learning and Rule-Based approaches allows for an optimal level of performance, flexibility and rapid application development.

Locuaz is the result of many years of research in AI, as can be seen in the many books, articles and scientific publications available. Locuaz comprises the full range of Natural Language Processing solutions: from real-time lexical analysis with millions of lexical entries, all the way to multimodal fusion, spell checking, language detection, natural language understanding, dialogue management, etc.

In order to allow for multichannel interactions, Locuaz has also been endowed with a number of channel specific components. For instance, for Online and Mobile Virtual Assistants, the solution includes photo-quality 3D graphical agents with state-of-the-art facial expressions; telephone-based solutions not only include speech recognition but allow for higher speech recognition performance than most due to additional post-processing of results.

As a result of all this, Indisys achieves the highest scores in all solution benchmarking processes. Virtual Assistants for example perform best at understanding end users’ requests; usability testing indicates a very high level of end user satisfaction and user experience; ERM provides the highest level of performance, etc.

Within Indisys, technology and innovation are essential in the road to a successful value-added experience to all customers and end-users.