Users have all services and the necessary information at their disposal upon request, or it may be provided proactively. Our agents reduce the number of dropouts, guide the user through the process and solve their queries immediately, thus increasing buyers’ confidence and willingness to complete a purchase.

Cost reduction is guaranteed after a reasonable investment and a quick ROI in the short to medium term. Our intelligent agents can handle more transactions at a reduced cost, while human agents can take care of more complex or managing tasks requiring more qualification.

A human-like conversational ability and the advantages of an automatized solution cooperate in providing the best user experience possible.

An additional advantage of virtual assistants is that services are available 24×7. Services and Purchasing opportunities must be available at all times in a globalized market.

Appropriate tagging and automatic handling of unstructured information may become a valuable corporate asset with the help of our solutions. Analyzing, exploiting and learning from such information will help you know your users better.

Global Multichannel Solution

An online Virtual Assistant may be your best employee if you train them to reflect your corporate image faithfully.

Let your users use their language naturally when interacting with our phone operators, and reduce costs while keeping a high quality customer service.

Enjoy the same user experience as a web assistant in any smartphone without losing interaction capacity and with an incredible high-quality interface.

Empower searches in your website with natural language capabilities: let your users choose how they wish to search for specific concepts without having to use key words.

Improve incoming email management and provide a precise and immediate reply to users’ queries while decreasing manual work. Ensure that your customers are taken care of at all times and that their queries are given the right priority.

Get ready for Indisys’s completely new concept of Live Chat platform: have your human operators provide feedback to your VA and obtain immediate and impressive results.


Indisys uses the most advanced technology in Natural Language Processing, web standards, visualization, and speech recognition and synthesis.

Our hybrid, rule-based plus machine learning approach have reached the highest level of user input understanding currently in the market.

Users may engage in human-like conversations with our solutions. They feel free to use the language in a flexible way and control the discourse flow at will.

Our indexing solution identifies semantic concepts as opposed to key words in your web site, thus making web navigation easier for end users.

The graphical quality of these photo-realistic agents is only comparable to their ability to offer a great user experience. You can hardly ignore their engaging range of expressions and their ability to awe users.

Whether in proprietary developments or third-party solution integrations, the Indisys experts will provide advice on the best available options.

Intelligence is the key: the more intelligence we generate, the more satisfaction, the better results and the larger growth.

We define this intelligence as the ability to perform a task or answer a question. It is what enables these agents to perform their duties.

Humans display an amazing ability to adapt to each other’s social-cultural level when motivated to communicate efficiently. Social intelligence here is therefore the ability to adapt the conversation register, flow and/or vocabulary to users with different levels of expertise or familiarity with the subject.

This intelligence is essential when developing empathy within the user: having an appropriate reaction when complimented, insulted or asked anything is important, but the ability to convey appropriatly potentially sentitive information is equally relevant.

Our solutions are the result of strong interdisciplinary collaboration between Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Usability and Human Factors expertise.

Indisys’ solutions incorporate the most advanced strategies in context adaptation, inference reasoning and machine learning, in order to endow our assistants with artificial intelligence.

Cognitive strategies are essential in the design of the conversational process: they enable us to take advantage of the power of the human brain while allowing for a more realistic emulation of human conversational behavior.

Through proprietary design methodology and iterative human factors testing, an optimal and also key level of usuability is embedded into these intelligent agents.

Human interaction is essentially multimodal in nature and a great deal of the redundancy that occurs in human communication is due to its multimodal nature.

Users may interact with Indisys’ virtual assistants by typing their queries over a computer or mobile keyboard. These will processed by the natural language processing engine, and the answer will also be displayed in text mode.

Users may talk to the online VA’s, the mobile VA’ or the Phone operator solutions by using their own words. Indisys guarantees the highest recognition rates in the market. Answers will also be speech-synthesized.

Online and mobile VA’s are equipped with a widgets-enabled graphical interface over which users may select their options. For example, a specific date may be chosen among a range of those available in an appointment application rather than having to propose each possibility through text or speech.

Multimodality is not just managing a range of separate modalities; it implies processing user inputs where several modalities are combined into one unique communicative act: “I want to buy that one”, the user says while pointing at the desired model.

Locuaz can process multiple modalities that come together into one message. Today, it can handle graphical and spoken entries; tomorrow, it could as well handle any other modality such as facial expression recognition, haptic interfaces, etc.


This is the most efficient and understanding clerk you can get. Whether it is setting up a transfer, checking account movements, applying for a credit card, or any other transaction users want, they just need to ask.

Pre-sales, post-sales, tech support, registrations, cancellations, information updates, incidents… Why not manage everything in a more efficient manner while providing an excellent user experience?

Who has not secretly wished for a shopping assistant who knows your every wish and preferences, helps you do your shopping and answers any questions while telling you about interesting promos just for you?.

If all travel agencies could provide especialized advice like this, we would definitely travel more. Looking for sunny beaches or snow? How about a sequel to last year’s adventure? If you book now, I can get you a 10% discount. Are you interested?.

Why not empower your users to perform everyday transactions or troubleshoot problems without waiting in line and filling forms: “I’d like to modify my contract”, “My wifi does not work. What should I do?”

The perfect health assistant can manage doctors’ appointments, warn you when your results are ready, help you self-diagnose diseases, provide advice on healthy diets, babies, vaccinations… You name it!

E-government to the nth power! All information, guidelines, support and services at the disposal of all citizens, regardless of their level of education or command of the legal jargon. Let us take care of everything in the most natural and friendly way possible.

Across sectors

Use Indisys VA’s to provide relevant information to your users or customers. FAQ lists are obsolete and tedious, and may not contain what the user is asking for. Let the assistant do the job for you!

Enjoy the fresh and customizable personalities of these intelligent agents. Their general knowledge and ability to converse with users beyond their domain of expertise can only make them more endearing and approachable.

Do you wish to manage your customers’ appointments in a friendly and efficient way? Indisys’ appointments management system has been successfully deployed in many sites, increasing the number and automatic management of appointments in your calendar.

Let your customers and/or employees benefit from our automatic support management system, and free your human resources team from answering frequent questions such as (e.g. “I forgot my password”). Virtual assistants do not mind replying to the same question again and again!

Improve your students or employees training through specialized virtual assistants embedded in e-Learning platforms.

Why not use a virtual assistant as a sales tool? Introduce your products, publicize offers and promotions, or define business rules based on specific profiles, preferences or past interactions with your customers.

Indisys VA’s may be integrated with social network applications. Get information about what others say about your company or your products in the web. Or use social networks to tell your contacts about new products, offers or promotions.